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Through the Women in Focus experience, we go beyond the lens to celebrate the essence of inspiring women and foster a sense of community through the art of photography. Welcome to a space where every lady I photograph possesses a distinctive and inspiring narrative, transforming this experience into something deeply personal. Our commitment extends beyond merely capturing moments; we are dedicated to building connections and forming encouraging bonds that resonate far beyond the events themselves. In this empowering community, we collectively affirm the powerful statement: WE ARE ENOUGH! This mantra serves as just one facet of the incredible, liberating, and undeniably true story we tell ourselves and share with others. Join us as we amplify the voices and stories of extraordinary women, creating a supportive network that transcends the boundaries of photography.

2024 Women in Focus

Our Main Events will take place July 20th and October 19th. This year WiF will host two events - one in summer and the other in fall.


Embark on a journey with us – intimate, studio-based gatherings that revolve around friendship, fashion, glamour, and, of course, photography. Elevating the experience further, 25% of the profits from each event are dedicated to supporting local charities and causes that aim to empower and assist women in need. Each donation is determined through collaboration with you - the participants of Women in Focus. 


Join us in creating memorable moments that make a meaningful impact on both our community and the lives of those we aim to uplift.

"I was so low when you asked me to be part of WiF, and it has fanned

the tiny ember in my spirit to a flame. I couldn't see who I was

or what I had to offer. Thank you!"

Karen, Montrose, Colorado


The Agenda and Outcomes

Step into the heart of our half-day events, where you'll forge connections with other resilient women, sharing stories of inspiration, empowerment, and the highs and lows of our journeys. Entrust me to capture your unique visual story, and you'll enjoy:

  1. Unlimited consultations before the event, addressing your photography fears and goals.

  2. Personalized style tips to guide you on what to bring and how to prepare.

  3. Expert coaching on wardrobe, make-up, and posing.

  4. Professional makeup and hair styling services.

  5. Wardrobe consultation and personal shopping options for that perfect look.

  6. Custom-tailored, meticulously retouched photos presented in a private, password-protected online gallery that is yours to keep for printing, sharing, posting on social media, whatever!

  7. An evening out for dinner with your Women in Focus sisters after our shoot.

  8. A special photo reveal session amongst the ladies, unveiling your stunning portraits. 

  9. Join us in embracing the beauty of your narrative and capturing it in a way that resonates uniquely with you.


The Investment

Join the Women in Focus sisterhood for just $375. 


To curate an unparalleled experience at each event, I limit participation to 3 women per event. Seize the opportunity to celebrate the power and uniqueness inherent in your story. Your journey towards empowerment and connection awaits – apply for your spot in our inspiring community today!

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