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Frequently Asked Questions

I am so thrilled when someone wants to know more about Women in Focus! And I am often asked variations of some of the same questions. Here, I have complied them for you, so please read on! And feel free to reach out to me with your own questions, too.


1. What is Women in Focus?

Women in Focus is a perfect ladies night out experience. A multi-level photography event empowering women through three segments: Day-of Pre-shoot activities, an intimate studio photo shoot emphasizing friendship and glamour, and The Reveal—an emotional evening where participants view their personalized portraits on the big screen before accessing their online gallery. We go beyond the event by selecting a local charity to donate 25% of Women in Focus profits to.

2. How does it work?

To participate in Women in Focus, apply here. Chosen participants pay the registration fee, provide necessary details, and attend the event. Pre-event meetings cover preparation, wardrobe, makeup, and any questions—making it easy for you to just show up and enjoy!

3. Can anyone apply?

Yes! Any woman can apply for Women in Focus! 

4. Can I sponsor someone?

Yes! If you know someone who’d benefit from this experience and you’d like to sponsor them, you can nominate them by filling out the application here.

5. When are the events?

This year we’ll be hosting two events with dates to be determined. One will take place mid-summer and the other in the late fall.

6. Can I just donate my time/money to the cause?

Yes! You can donate to this beautiful cause by accessing this link! You can also set up a time to meet me at the studio to drop off your donation. 

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