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Reclamation Retreat at Elk Mountain Resort
April 27, 2024
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

$159 Early Bird Registration
$189 after April 12

Immerse yourself in a retreat experience in the serene beauty of nature, providing the perfect setting for tranquility and renewal. Participate in empowering activities such as journaling, building connections, photography, and celebrating sisterhood within a community of fierce and strong women. A delicious taco (addressing all dietary needs) bar is provided. Leave with a new portrait of you!


Retreat into Tranquility:

Find solace in our carefully chosen location, Elk Mountain Resort, a quiet and secluded haven designed for rest and relaxation. Step back from the chaos of everyday life and allow yourself to withdraw into a space that encourages introspection and renewal.


A Time of Community Experience:

Experience the power of community as you join like-minded individuals on this journey. The retreat is a shared space, a community experience that fosters connections and camaraderie, creating a supportive environment for personal growth.


Interrupt Your Normal Routine:

This retreat is an intentional interruption to your regular routine. Take a break from the demands of daily life, reward yourself with the opportunity to pause, reflect, and recharge.


A Period of Renewal:

Immerse yourself in a period of discernment and renewal. This retreat is a chance to recalibrate, allowing you to tap into your inner self and emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.


Allowing to Enter Within Yourself:

In the quietude of this retreat, give yourself permission to delve deep. Allow introspection to be your guide as you explore your innermost thoughts, desires, and aspirations.

See Yourself Renewed:

Every attendee will experience portraiture in a new, collaborative way. Have your portrait taken and hear the uplifting words of others for positive image reinforcement. You’ll feel the reinvigorating truth that you are strong and fierce.

Reclamation Retreat is more than a physical withdrawal; it is a deliberate step back into your own essence. Join us for a transformative experience that interrupts the ordinary, providing a space for renewal, community, and the rediscovery of your authentic self.


About the Venue: Elk Mountain Resort is 300 acres of spruce, pine, and aspen forest, teeming with wildlife. Endless mountain experiences await, paired with luxury amenities, delectable cuisine, and outdoor activities for an ideal mountain retreat.

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Meet Karen Funke!

Karen is a multi-passionate, Certified Professional Coach with Life Purpose Institute who helps and supports women step into their dreams and desires.  As a Certified Professional Coach, she has facilitated numerous women’s circles, allowing space for deep reflection and community relationships. Her deep desire to come alongside women has opened doors for many to return to college, pursue more fulfilling careers and enrich family relationships. During her journey in completing her master’s degree in Administration of Higher Education at Montana State University, she has presented her research internationally, and her work as a researcher is published and cited. She is continually practicing her art to deepen her passionate study to help women come home to themselves. Learn more at


Meet Gabrielle Clay!

Gabrielle is a seasoned photographer with over 20 years of expertise. Known for her immersive photography experiences and award winning portraits, she makes a personal connection with each client. Her mission is to capture the beauty, strength, and fierceness of every individual she photographs. Beyond her photography career, Gabrielle is a dedicated advocate for survivors of domestic violence, a public speaker, educator, and multi-passionate entrepreneur. Her impactful work has been featured in notable publications such as Wayfinder Magazine, the Montrose Mirror, Montrose Living Magazine, and the National Park Service Annual Report. She is a three-time winner of the International Portrait Masters Award. Additional honors include the Montrose Small Business Award and recipient of the 2024 Women of Distinction Award.

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